Kultbag® for Bädergesellschaft Düsseldorf  (2013-05-04)

The all-weather swimming pool Dusseldorf has a new roof and the old roof is as "AWB All Weather Bag" on the street.

Limited special edition.

Allwetterbad Düsseldorf mit

Allwetterbad Düsseldorf mit

Special Edition Neanderthal Museum Mettmann (2012-12-10)

Custom made Bags for the Artmuseum Düsseldorf (2012-11-01)

Kultbag® for YEAH! Young European Award (2012-10-16)

Special edition for YEAH! Young European Award

Kultbag® for Comedia Theater Cologne (2012-06-28)

Sonderauflage für das Comedia Theater Köln